Who we are

Serious Software,
Friendly Company.

Software is our artwork and our passion. At Synorex, we created beautiful software to solve business problems. We believe that software can make a company more stable and develop at a high speed.

30 team members

Global node in 10 countries

3,000 customers

>300K community platform

Explore our journey through time.

It all began with online games.


Start to provide website construction services in 2008.


By launching its first cloud business application, MyCloud, he added himself to the trend of cloud applications.


Out first E-commerce platform online, and use PayPal to complete online payment


Start to provide network security solutions.


Started to invest in hardware business and successfully won the JCS championship with the concept of IoT.


Pukipedia creates a unified database for companies, so that companies can get more written information for workers.

The first generation Robocube Gym goes live.


BLACKSCORP successfully replaced Pukipedia, and was specially recommended by Taylor's University ImagineHack

In just one month, we reached the first largest milestone with 1,000 users. Our customers recognize the true value of the applications we develop.


Develop business to Taiwan, and launched 集购宝团购平台. In just 3 days, more than 1,000 users have accumulated.


Started to provide software construction services to many universities in Taiwan.

Robocube Tuition provides better management software for all education industries.


超人看算系统 successfully accumulated more than 1000 users and 30 centres.

Robocube HR provides small and medium-sized businesses with cloud punching services.


小鸭找工平台 Solve the problem of brain drain in Malaysia.

七新鲜生鲜平台 successfully expanded its market in Selangor Week during MCO Malaysia.