Who we are

Serious Software,
Friendly Company.

Software is our artwork and our passion. At Synorex, we created beautiful software to solve business problems. We believe that software can make a company more stable and develop at a high speed.

16 team members

Global node in 10 countries

3,000 customers

>100K community platform

Explore our journey through time.

Everything starts with network cloud services.


Using cloud technology as the core service and provide every cloud-related services. The main service at the beginning includes selling cloud storage space, VPN and third-party software.

Start developing 2D mini-games in the second half year of 2009.


A small game communication platform has been built to provide a new online platform for game lover.

In the second half-year, 3D online games were developed to provide more game for our player.


Improvement of the game platform: game account reselling service, game account level up service, auto-play software sharing function, etc.


The gamer-communication platform is well known in the entire school campus.


We began to provide a comprehensive website setup service to help traditional industries start online business.


The company has developed a smart home system, which is the first hardware device developed by our company.

In September, Robocube Gym membership management system was officially launched.


In 2015, the company successfully reached the top four places in ImagineHack hosted by Taylor's University. This is the first time the company has won an awards in a competition.


Participated ImagineHack hosted by Taylor's University in 2016 with a big data search engine system and successfully reached the quarterfinals.

We released the BLACKSCORP, a big data search engine, and also launched Robocube HR human resource management system.


Successfully launched our products in the 2017 Taiwan Feng Chia University project with MediaHub. Joined the Taiwan GA maker competition with the QiGoBoo group buying platform, and got the first Angel Investment for the company.

In October of the same year, MyOCY was officially launched. It is a mobile application specially designed for Feng Chia students. Students can check their grades, class schedule, absenteeism records and even complete some request process in the app.

In December, the company successfully obtained the online office system of the International Office of Taiwan Feng Chia University.


The SupermanSchool Education App is officially launched, a calculation software special designed for abacus courses.

We decided to change our name to Synorex in September 2018, and officially start the business in Malaysia and Taiwan. After discussions within the team, we have adopted a remote office approach, which has enhanced the company's multinational business and effectively solved the problem of human resource shortages.


Officially launched the business in Singapore, Hong Kong and Guang Zhou, and provided a complete IT technical teams for other companies across the globe.

In April of the same year, the XiaoYa Jobs was officially launched, which was also the first project financed by Synorex VC.

Robocube Tuition tuition center management system is officially launched, aiming to solve the management troubles of small and medium enterprises. It provides a complete fees charging cloud system for every small and medium tuitions center.


As of December 2019, more than 3,000 SMEs around the world are using our system and more than 100K users use our platform every day.

The Daily7Fresh is officially launched. The platform's philosophy is "You could get the freshest grocery you wish for even you do not recognize them"

The add2cart.me e-commerce platform is officially launched. Allowing micronet owner to build their own websites within the price of a cup of Starbucks per month.

The company's business has officially expanded to Australia, Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines.

In the same year, Robocube Invoice, Robocube Tasks and other products were also released, making our Robocube bundle system more complete.

Integrate the Synorex ONE ecosystem to make the system more complete and allow users to use our software and services easily.


We plan to expand our services to venture capital and online financial business, and also tells that “Achieving a wish is never this easy”~