Partner with Synorex

In Synorex, we always strive to provide what we can do to our customers, to better improve their business. But even so, what we can do alone is very limited. Thus when we work together, we can create a better solution to SMEs, and better improve ourselves at the same time.

Synorex works with a few types of partners.

See what makes sense for your business.

Reseller Partner

As a distributor of Synorex, you will be able to sell all our software and help small and medium-sized enterprises to make digital transformation easier.

Financial Partner

Investment is your homepage goal? No problem. We have the most stable crowdfunding ecosystem in the industry, allowing you to find the right potential stocks.

Platform Partner

We talk about providing perfect IT technology solutions and cooperate with you in the form of technology shares.

Technology Partner

If you are engaged in related fields, we are happy to cooperate with you. And coordinate the cooperation space.