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QR Attendance

Robocube Tuition can be combined with RFID as a weapon for teachers and students to name the class, making the operation of the tutoring class more efficient.

One-click Billing

It supports all kinds of monthly, group classes and individual classes are not a problem. With the function of copying previous bills, you can quickly add bills in seconds.

Parent App

Students will automatically send safety messages, test score notifications, payment notices, reminder notices, and arbitrary messages when they arrive in class

Smarter Management

Easy to understand web-based application for schools to manage your data like student information, fees payment, timetable, exam, attendance, tutor information, transportation, class registration, school performance monitoring, inventory and others.

Robocube Tuition Management System is a total software solution, designed to address the unique needs of tuition centres, kindergarten, music schools, and other education tuition centre. SimTrain helps to manage students' payment and issues official receipts without any hassle including outstanding payment, advanced payment, partial payment, discount, and add-on items (Charges).


Unorganised paperwork

Manual tracking of data

Too much repetitive work

With Robocube

Data organised systematically

Store & Manage data automatically

Minimal work done

Increase your efficiency immediately!

Significantly reduce



Wait Times


Significantly reduce

Parental Satisfaction

Data Collation

Quality of Teaching

Daily Collection

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