Work on big ideas,
without the busywork.

From the small stuff to the big picture, Synorex organizes work
so teams know what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.


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Owner Overview

Activity Stream

Clear Dashboard

Highlighted with the latest performance of business through informative dashboard.

Calendar View

Contact Management

Documents Management

Internal Inbox

Projects Management

Project Overview

Gantt Viewer

Kanban Viewer

List Viewer

Project Users

Permission Control

Admins Management


Personal Diary

Internal Knowledge

Everyone loves it; it has democratized our finance function. In some ways Robocube OA shattered hierarchy and brought us together.

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Our Pricing

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Price per branch per month, billed annually
Local taxes (VAT, GST, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Robocube OA turns complex projects into simple tasks. Plan, execute, & deliver, fast. Stay on top of projects. Easily track tasks & team members with Robocube OA practical interface.
Robocube OA is a pay-as-you-go service (on an annual basis). That means no long-term contracts. You can choose to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time by logging into your Robocube OA account.
Yes, we would love to present Robocube OA via web conference at your convenience. The presentation is a one hour session. To schedule your personal meeting, please contact (WhatsApp +6012-5468 517).
If pay with USD, you can request a full refund within 30 days of your subscription.
We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. We also accept payment via bank transfer, FPX and E-wallet for Malaysia. For more details, please contact (WhatsApp +6012-5468 517).
After the trial period ends, you will need to purchase a subscription to convert the trial account to a permanent account. All unpaid data will be automatically deleted 60 days after the license expires.
We host our infrastructure on Amazon Web Service (AWS). There, security is designed and maintained according to strictest regulations and standards.
YES. We allow you to do any restraint and even use your own brand in our Synorex ERP package. Of course, you can also Feedback the functions you want to us in Robocube OA, and we will add your suggested functions in future updates.
Robocube OA is designed for Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and US markets. We will arrange a sales team close to you to serve you.
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Our support team is available 24×7 to assist you. Visit our Contact page to contact us.